Norwegian Soft Lefse


Soft lefse is soft and sweet and extra nice with cheese. They are cooked on a griddle, and made with sour milk, sour cream, butter and golden syrup. You can also make a wholemeal version that makes for great hiking food.

6 eggs
3 dl [0,6 pt] sugar
1 l [2,1 pt] cultured milk
500 g [1,1 lb] butter
1 dl [0,2 pt] sour cream
500 g [1,1 lb] Lyle’s golden syrup
3 teaspoons baking soda
9 teaspoons ammonium bicarbonate
2 ½ – 3 kg [5,5 – 6,6 lb] flour

This is what you do

[1] Beat eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. Melt the butter and golden  syrup. Stir baking soda and ammonium bicarbonate into the cultured milk and let it rest a while before mixing with the egg/sugar and butter/syrup mixtures.

[2] Mix in the remaining ingredients and add flour until the dough is just stopping to be sticky. Let the dough stand slightly a while to set a little before rolling out to a thickness of approximately 0.5 cm / 1/5 in.

[3] Use a lid or similar to cut out equally sized lefses.

[4] Bake on a griddle set to the second highest temperature until they are slightly golden brown on both sides. You will be able to know when they are done as the lefse gets a little lighter when they are thoroughly done.

Tip! You can replace some of the flour with barley or oats and roll the lefse on an oatmeal dusted table if you want a healthier lefse.

Soft lefse is suitable for freezing.