Nougat Almonds

A simple recipe for nougat covered almonds
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Nougat Almonds

Crispy almonds with nougat and icing sugar are simple confectionery which you easily make yourself. This recipe for nougat almonds has only three ingredients.

100 g [3,5 oz] whole almonds with peel
100 g [3,5 oz] soft nougat
about 50 g [1,75 oz] icing sugar

This is what you do

[1] Fry the almonds lightly in a dry frying pan. Pour them into a large bowl. Put the bowl in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, making both the almonds and the bowl ice cold.

[2] Melt the nougat in a bowl over a 80 C / 175 F hot water bath. Take the bowl out of the water bath. Take the bowl of almonds out of the fridge and put a few spoons of melted nougat over the cold almonds. Stir constantly, until all the nougat has stiffened on the almonds. Add a little more melted nougat and stir until the nougat has stiffened completely. Continue like this till you have used all the nougat.

[3] Carefully mix the almonds with the icing sugar use your hands. Make sure the almonds get completely covered with icing sugar. Place the nougat almonds in a colander and gently shake it to remove the excess icing sugar from the nougat almonds. Store the nougat almonds in a tight container of glass or metal.