Parsley Filled Veal “Chicken”

A dinner recipe found in a special edition of “Husmorens
Kokebok” (The Housewife’s Cookbook) utgitt i 1963
Parsley Filled Veal “Chicken”

This dish can be made in two different ways, either with thin slices of veal or with ground veal. The recipe calls for no boiled potaoes which must have been considered both daring and chic in Norway back in the early sixties when potatoes still was an absolute dinner staple.

Option 1: Cut meat across the fibres in thin slices, flatten lightly. Place a little parsley and butter in the middle of the slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roll them up. Tie with a string. Fry the “chicken” in melted butter, add cream and broth and cooked till the meat is tender. thicken the sauce and strain it. Seve the veal “chicken” with a salad and boiled broccoli.

Option 2: Mix the ground meat with eggs, milk and a little flour. Form the mixtures into thick patties filled with parsley and butter. The rest of the procedure is similar to option 1.