Patties on Farmhouse Bread

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Patties on Farmhouse Bread

Patties on farmhouse bread with mozzarella, red onion,
tomato, basil, pesto and fried eggs.

4 servings

4 patties, frozen or fresh
4 slices of farmhouse bread
1 glass of good pesto
3 large tomatoes
1 package of fresh mozzarella
salt and pepper
4 eggs


[1] Place four slices of landbread on a bread board and spread them with pesto.

[2] Fry the patties in a little butter and place them over the pesto.

[3] Place slices of tomato and fresh mozzarella on the patties and season with salt, pepper and fresh basil.

[4] Fry 4 eggs and put them on top.

Tip: Not fond of pesto? Replace the pesto with mayonnaise or aioli if you wish.