Pea Soup from Western Norway

Pea Soup from Western Norway

This pea soup that originates from Stryn was widely used during harvesting and threshing back in the old days. All vegetables that was available was generally used, as well as the meat or flesh that could be used. The beef, mutton or pork was usually smoked, dried or salted. It was standard to serve the soup with flatbread and always with boiled potatoes. The flatbread was usually dipped in the broth during the meal.

500 g [1,1 lb] yellow peas
250 g [0.55 lb] pearl barley
2 kg [4,4 lb] beef, pork or mutton
or a combination, in cubes
6 carrots, sliced
cabbage, in cubes
rutabaga, in cubes
potatoes, in cubes

8 servings


[1] Soften the peas and barley in water overnight.

[2] Put the meat in cold water for a few hours if it is too salty.

[3] cook the peas and barley in about 3.5 liter / 7,5 pt of water with the meat. Cook until the meat is tender.

[4] Add the vegetables, then after a while, the potatoes making sure they do not get overcooked.