Plum Desert

Steam the plums just so they are tender but still fresh – and the rind is still hanging on. Do not use too much water either. The plums themselves will emit so much fluid that it is more than enough. A few drops of water, enough to cover the sugar in the bottom of the pot is enough.

/ 800 g plums
/ 150 g sugar
1/2 vanilla pod
3 tablespoons brandy
a few drops of water
/ 0.5 dl almonds
1 teaspoon honey, preferably acacia honey
/ 2 dl whipping cream

4 servings

Rinse the plums. Cut them in half and remove the stones. This may take some time, but it’s worth it – the dessert is much more elegant.

Place sugar in a pan, split half a one vanilla pod and add both the halves and seeds

Add a few drops of brandy and just so much water that it barely covers the sugar.

Heat and let simmer till all the sugar is dissolved.

Add the plums and let simmer for just a few minutes.

take the pan off the heat and let the plum mix cool.

Chop the almonds and roast in a dry frying pan.

Add one teaspoon of liquid honey and stir until golden.

Loosely whisk some whipped cream.

Refrigerate the cream till you mix a lot of plum mix, a little cream and a sprinkle almonds on top of bowl or glass and serve immediately.

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