Port Wine Cured Lamb Fillet

Port Wine Cured Lamb Fillet

History: This recipe is originally from the Northern part of Norway and is found in many a grandmother’s handwritten cookbook. The recipe can be traced to the early nineteenth century, but it is not unlikely that it is even older.

The traditional accompaniments were flat bread and sour cream, and the fillet was placed in the basement for maturing as there were not many fridges to find in those days. Lofoten was famously for its close relations with the continent in connection with exports of stockfish and dried fish, and therefore had access to some nobler ingredients, such as port wine.

Serves 4

1 fillet of lamb
0,2 cup sugar
0,4 cup salt
0,2 cup port wine


[1] Mix salt, sugar and port wine. Put the mixture in a double freezer bag and place the fillets in the mixture – let it cure for two days in the refrigerator.

[2] When the fillet has finished curing, dry it and cut it into thin, fine slices.

[3] The dish may, for example, be served with sour cream and flat bread. If you want to make more out of the dish you can serve it with a fresh green salad, roasted pumpkin seeds and freshly ground  pepper. A fresh potato salad will also go excellent with cured meats.

This is a proper Norwegian traditional dish, serve it like they would back then, with a lovely chilled beer accompaniment.