Roasted Salmon With Maitre d’Hotel Butter

Roasted Salmon With Maitre d'Hotel Butter

Preparation time: Approx 20 min.
Cooking time: 12-14 min.
Should not be frosen
6 servings

6 slices fresh salmon (about 3 cm / 1,2 in thick)
coarse salt
1 -2 lemons
1/4 cucumber
Maitre d’Hotel Butter:
250 g [8,8 oz] butter
1/5 lemon
white pepper
1/2 bunch parsley


[1] Start with the Maitre d’Hotel butter; Stir soft butter light and fluffy and add the lemon juice, a little at a time. Whisk in 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon pepper and finely chopped parsley. Put the butter in the fridge to chill.

[2] Rub the salmon slices with coarse salt, let them rest for 5 min. then dry off the salt.

[3] Add plenty of butter in a frying pan and heat it until it is golden. Fry the salmon slices 6-7 minutes on each side over medium-high heat. Drizzle the slices with the  juice of 1/2 lemon.

[4] Arrange the salmon on a hot platter and add a thin slice of lemon and some chopped cucumber on each slice.

[5] Scoop out the Maitre d’Hotel butter butter in round balls with a spoon dipped in hot water and place it next to the fish. Server instantly with boiled potatoes and butter steamed green beans. A dry, lightly spicy white wine will be perfect with this dish.

Tip: The fish can not be prepared in advance, but the Maitre d’Hotel butter and the other accessories can be made the day before. The boiled potatoes can be heated in butter with finely chopped parsley and salt and the beans can be steamed while the fish is fried.