Salmon Chowder

A dinner recipe found in “How To Eat Canned Salmon”
published by Alaska Packers Association in 1900

Salmon Chowder

Fresh salmon is so cheap and plentyful in our shops here in Norway that eating canned ones seems strange to us. But a quick check showed that the net is crammed full of recipes for canned salmon so it obviously doesn’t seem that strange elsewhere. Besides, transporting fresh fish over larger distances back in 1900 was close to impossible so back then eating canned salmon probably seemed more reasonable –Ted

Three cans of salmon
Three large potatoes
one large onion
one-half pound of pork
one pint  milk or cream
three ship crackers
salt and pepper to taste


[1] Remove Salmon from can and drain off the liquid and break the fish into small pieces. Slice the potatoes and onion and cut the pork into half-inch cubes.

[2] Put the pork and the onion into a pan and fry them quickly with a little butter until they are a light brown. Place alternate layers of potatoes, fish, pork and onion in a large saucepan; dust with salt and pepper. Continue the layers in this order until all the ingredients are used.

[3] Cover the whole with boiling water and let the mixture simmer for twenty minutes. Scald a pint of milk or cream, take it off the fire and add one and one-half tablespoonfuls of butter and three broken ship crackers or the same quantity of water biscuits.

[4] Arrange the fish mixture in a mound on a dish, cover it with the softened crackers, and pour over the whole the scalded milk or cream. Serve very hot.