Smith College Fudge

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[1] Melt one-quarter cup of butter. Mix together in a separate dish one cup of white sugar, one cup of brown sugar, one quarter cup of molasses and one-half cup of cream.

[2] Add this to the butter, and after it has been brought to a boil continue boiling for two and one-half minutes, stirring rapidly.

[3] Then add two squares of Baker’s Premium No. 1 Chocolate*, scraped fine. Boil this five minutes, stirring it first rapidly, and then more slowly towards the end.

[4] After it has been taken from the fire, add one and one-half teaspoonfuls of vanilla. Then stir constantly until the mass thickens. Pour into buttered pan and set in a cool place.

[5] Cut the fudge into neat squares when it has set properly.

* 1 square of Baker’s Chocolate eguals 1/4 oz