Strawberry Cheese Treat

A dessert ricipefound on an add for ANN PAGE preserves
published in LIFE magazine April 14th 1961
Strawberry Cheese Treat

Leave it to ANN PAGE preserves to guarantee
a festive flavour!

Dissolve a 3-oz. pkg. lemon-flavored gelatin in 1 cup water; cool. Sieve 1-lb. cottage cheese into a bowl; beat in 1/2 lb. cream cheese and the gelatin; chill until slightly thickened. Line a 9″ spring-form pan with 18 split lady fingers; keep 5 more in reserve. Whip 1 cup heavy cream; fold into thickened cheese. Pour half of mix into lined pan; cover with remaining split lady fingers. Spoon on 1/2 cup ANN PAGE Strawberry Preserves, top with remaining filling. Chill 3 hours. Remove side of pan; spoon 1 cup Preserves on top of dessert.

Serves 8 to 12.