Strawberry Parfait

A dessert recipe from“150 New Ways to Serve Ice Cream”
published by Sealtest System Laboratories Inc in 1936Strawberry Parfait

One of the most decorative ice cream desserts is the parfait. Borrowed from the French, it truly lives up to its meaning, which is “perfection.” The recipes in this section consist of alternate layers of ice cream, crushed fruits, whipped cream, and rich, colorful syrups.

1 Pint strawberry or vanilla ice cream
1 small box strawberries
1/2 cup crushed pineapple and juice
2 tablespoons sugar
Berries (optional)


Crush berries. Cook the pineapple with the sugar for a few minutes, remove from heat, cool slightly, and then pour over the berries. Spoon some of this fruit into parfait glasses. Cover with Sealtest Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream. Again add strawberry mixture, and once more cover with the ice cream. Top each with strawberry sauce and one luscious ripe berry if desired.

Serves six