Sultan Cake, Glazed Cakes & Cream Rolls


Sultan Cake

Stir 200 g butter white with 200 g  sugar. Stir in 2-4 eggs, one by one. Then add 100 g raisins 2-4 tablespoons candied orange peel and 30 g candied lemon peel. Stir in 200 g flour.Pour the batter is into greased , floured pan and bake 1 hour at low heat.

Glazed cookies

Sponge cake:
2 to 3 eggs , 100 g sugar, 80 g flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder.
vanilla-, lemon-, orange or almond cream.
Icing :
200 g icing sugar, water, green or yellow confectioner’s colouring or cocoa, candied orange peel , walnuts, almonds , berries or jam.

Beat eggs and sugar well, add the flour sifted with the baking powder and pour batter on greased greaseproof paper in roasting pan. Bake in a good hot oven . Allow it to cool. Cut out round cakes or cut into triangular pieces . Put two and two together with filling in between. Glaser them and dress them according to taste and ability.
Puff Pastry:
Cover the cakes with yellow orange icing – icing sugar mixed with a little orange juice and yellow confectioner’s colour – and garnish them with a strip of pickled orange peel.

Cream Rolls

( approx. 80 pcs .)
Stir 250 g butter well with 250g sugar. Add 250 g flour 4 egg whites,whisked stiff.

Spread the mixture thinly over the plate and bake light brown in even heat. When the mixture has solidified, remove from oven and cut the into 8 -cm squares. While still soft roll the squares around the handle of a ladle or something similar making tubes. These tube cakes are very good for canned fruits and berries. They can also be filled with cream and strawberry jam. When set you have to be careful handling the cakes. The tube cakes can also be brushed with melted chocolate and filled with cream. Dip the tip first in melted chocolate and then in chopped almonds.

( approx. 80 pcs .)

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