Switchel: the Original Energy-Ade

Switchel - The Original Energy-Ade_page

Jas. Townsend and Son som driver SavouringThePast skriverWhat do you drink if you’re worn out and need a little kick? An Ade, soda, an energy boost? In the 18th century, before supermarkets had shelves lined with this stuff,  many people drank a delicious beverage called Switchel.

Beverages similar to switchel date all the way back to ancient Greece, and were drank all the way around the world. This recipe was typical of those popular in America from New England all the way to the Caribbean.

Of course regional influences made for local flares. In Vermont, for example, Switchel was made with Maple Syrup and mixed with oatmeal. (The oatmeal was eaten as a snack once the beverage was finished.) While in Trinidad the drink was almost always mixed with special branches from the quararibea turbinata plant. (Also known as the swizzlestick tree.)

1/2 gallon of Drinking Water
1/2 cup of Unsulfured Molasses (not blackstrap!)
You may also substitute maple syrup or honey.
1/4 cup of Apple-Cider Vinegar
1 tablespoon of Powdered Ginger


[1] Mix all ingredients in a large vessel.

[2] Stir vigorously, especially making sure the ginger is well assimilated.

[3] Refresh yourself accordingly!