Cranberry Soufflé Salad / Tyttebær Sufflésalat

A recipe from an ad for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise published
in LIFE magazine in 1958


As I have mentioned before, my mother worked at Norway’s largest producer of mayonnaise most of her working life, so I grew up on the stuff. And as a Norwegian I also have a great love of cranberries, almost all of us do.

But mixing the two, well, I’m not all that sure really. But that’s just me. What ever blows your skirt up visitor, go for it if it tickles you fancy- Ted 😉



Lenten Dinner Winner / Fastemiddagvinner

A recipe from an ad for Ann Page published in
Life magazine in 1958


Since we’re obviously talking about a winner here, there must have been a competition of some sort. An educated guess would make recipes a fair suggestion 😉


What A Spread / For En Oppdekking

A series of recipes from an ad for Fleichmann’s Yeast
published in Catelaine magazine in 1958
bread_Chatelaine mag_fleishmanns yeast_1958_post


Apple Caramel / Stekte Epler Med Karamellisert Topping

A recipe from an ad for Margene Margarine from 19581958_margene_margarine_post


Chicken Waikiki / Kylling Waikiki

A recipe from an ad for Ann Rice published in
LIFE magazine in 1958


Company Meat Loaf / Festkjøttpudding

A recipe from a recipe card published by Tested Recipe Institute in 1958company_meat loaf_post

I have collected a rather large stack of recipe cards over the years so a bonanza week featuring just such cards may will turn up sooner or later – Ted


3 Classic Hot Norwegian Open-faced Sandwiches

Three recipes from “Varme Smørbrød” (Hot Sandwiches) published by J W Cappelen in 1958


Back in the fifties Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe now we are probably the richest. The smoked salmon sandwich at the bottom here is a good measure of this. Buy one here to day and you’ll get a bread slice twice as big, with an inch thick layer of scrambled eggs and at least two slices of smoked salmon on top – Ted


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Hot Sandwiches Scandinavian Style

Recipes from “Varme Smørbrød” (Hot Sandwiches) published by J W Cappelen in 1958


From the book’s intro:
The sumptuous evening buffets is a thing of the past. We’ve moving towards easier, simplified and more sensible eating habits. The finer meal to day begins with a small cold or hot pate, a single serving of sandwiches, salad or an appetizer.

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Shrimp Tomato Rings

A recipe from an ad for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise published in 1958