Batter-Fried Chicken / Lettvint Fritert Kylling

A recipe from “Easy Skillet Meals” published
by Better Homes & Gardens in 1972
Easy Skillet Meals - two recipes for fried chicken, from Better Homes & Gardens, 1972_post


Chocolate Mousse with Brown Sugar / Sjokolade Mousé med Brunt Sukker

A recipe from an ad for C and H sugar published in1972Chocolate Mousse with brown sugar_CandH sugar_1972_post

000_recipe_eng  000_recipe_nor

By the way, this was my post No 1000 on this blog – Ted 🙂

Four Variations On The Shimp Cocktail

Recipes from “Hei Mat” (Hello Food) published by a popular Norwegian book club in 1972


“Hei Mat” was one of the most popular cook books in Norway all through the seventies and the first cook book I got hold of when I moved into my own apartment as a young man. That book was used till it fell apart so the one this and the following recipes from the book are taken from I found to my great joy at a jumble sale last fall – Ted



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Saurbraten (sour steak) – Germany

A Recipe from “Berømte Retter” (Famous Dishes) published in 1972


Saurbraten is served in its homeland usually with ribbon spaghetti , but boiled potatoes also tastes great next to it. Saurbraten is one of the best recipes in the German cuisine and can – if properly made – be confused with a good venison roast. Some places in Germany they season the sauce with a  spoonful of plum – or blueberry jam – a variation that can be heartily recommended.


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Zalm Met Hollandse Saus (Salmon With Dutch Sauce)

A Recipe from “Berømte Retter” (Famous Dishes) published in 1972

Zalm met Hollandse saus post_ill


In context:
To call Salmon With Dutch Sauce for a Dutch specialty, we must go back to more glorious times. As late as the 18th century, before the great rivers of the Netherlands was contaminated, they contained large amounts of prime salmon. This led, among other things to the servants demanding when they were hired not to have to eat salmon more than twice a week. The pollution has unfortunately put an end to the salmon in the rivers. The Dutch sauce is probably a French invention. (Careme gives the recipe in his cookbook published in 1822). The name probably derives from the role the Dutch butter played in the original recipe.

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Cutlets Supreme

A Recipe from an ad for Comalco AlFoil published in New Idea 1972


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