Cranberry Soufflé Salad / Tyttebær Sufflésalat

A recipe from an ad for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise published
in LIFE magazine in 1958


As I have mentioned before, my mother worked at Norway’s largest producer of mayonnaise most of her working life, so I grew up on the stuff. And as a Norwegian I also have a great love of cranberries, almost all of us do.

But mixing the two, well, I’m not all that sure really. But that’s just me. What ever blows your skirt up visitor, go for it if it tickles you fancy- Ted 😉


Chicken Legs Piquant / Pikante Kyllinglår

A recipe from an ad for Heinz published in
LIFE magazine in 1957

chicken legs piquant_heinz_LIFE_1957_post


Lightning Quick Cheese Sauce / Lynrask Ostesaus

A recipe from an ad for Carnation Evaporated Milk
published in LIFE magazine in 1952


Oh, evaporate milk. That housewives’ saving angel from pre-refrigiator times 😉


Chocolate Tapioca with Apricot Cream / Sjokoladepudding med Aprikoskrem

A recipe from an ad for Jell-O Chocolate Tapioca
published in 1945

chocolate tapioca_jello_1945_post

When it comes to retro recipes there’s no way around good old Jell-O is there. No other product has given us ads with images of such eddable monstosities. To my defence visitors, this is not the worst of them – Ted 😉


Corn-Crisped Chicken /Cornflakessprø Kylling

A recipe from an ad for Kellogg’s Corn Flake Crumbs
published sometimes in the sixties

corn crisped chicken_kelloggs_1960_post

How about a chicken-fry without all that bothersome frying? You can do it with Kellogg’s Corn Flake Crumbs. This golden Corn Crisped Chicken is baked. Doesn’t call for shortening. Needs no turning or watching. No pan to wash later, either. And it’s so easy to make that you can relax and be your own guest.


Golden Treasure Tarts / Golden Treasure Terter

A recipe from an ad for Golden Medal Flour & Fluffo Shortning
published in LIFE magazine in 1955

golden treasure tarts_golden medal & golden fluffo_LIFE_1955_post


Festive Fruit Kake / Festklar Fruktkake

A recipe from an ad for Pet Milk published
in LIFE magazine in 1956
festive fruit cake_Pet milk_LIFE_1956_post

A fruit cake rich in candied fruit, crunchy nuts, with both dark and golden seedless raisins.


In context:
Evaporated milk was a popular product before refrigerators were common in homes, but is now a niche product mainly used in baking and other recipes.

Pet, Inc., was an American company that was the first to commercially produce evaporated milk as a shelf-stable consumer product and later became a multi-brand food products conglomerate. Its signature product, PET Evaporated Milk, is now a product of The J.M. Smucker Company.

PET Dairy is a regional brand of fresh and processed dairy products in the Southeastern United States made by the Land-O-Sundivision of Dean Foods. Many of the remaining brands once owned by Pet, Inc. are currently part of General Mills.

Text from Wikipedia

Cheese’n Bean Grill / Varmt Ostesmørbrød med Tomatbønner

A snack recipe from an ad for Kraft published in 1967beanes and cheese on toast_kraft_post

The recipe says to grill the sandwiches till the cheese has melted, but the cheese on the pictures looks only slightly out of shape to me. Melted cheddar tastes great, lukewarm cheddar on the other hand… – Ted


Sunkist Lemon Pie / Sunkist Sitron Pai

A classic recipe from an ad for Sunkist Lemons published in 1932sunkiset_-1932_post


“LoveLight” Cake – Light and Fluffy / ”LoveLight” Kake – Lett og Luftig

A recipe from an ad for Wesson Oil published in
LIFE magzine in 1955
lovelight 2 egg chffon_wesson oil_LIFE_1956_post


Good Neighbour Brunch / Brunch med Gode Naboer

A menu suggestion and a recipe from an ad for
French’s Mustard published in LIFE magazine in 1957



Patio Fancy Dessert / Fancy Terrasse Dessert

A dessert recipe from an ad for Libby’s Peaches published in
LIFE magazine in 1956
peach n ice cream_libbys_peaches_LIFE_1956_post

California grown, Libby’s are the peaches you would have picked from the trees yourself. Round and beautiful, tender and juicy . Libby’s are the perfectly luscious peaches – Since it is not imported to Norway, as far as I know, we’ll have to make do with other equally delicious peaches 😉


Haddock & Potato Layer / Hyse og Potet Form

A recipe from the “What a team” advertising recipe
booklet published by ASDA Superstore in 1976
haddoc & potato layer_-what-a-team-advertising-recipe-booklet-from-asda-superstores_1976_post

I’ve tried this recipe with pike, a fish I catch quite often and it was delicious. I used chantarelles instead of the champignons though, they are easy to find around here 😉


Oven-Fried Chicken / Ovnsstekt Kylling

A recipe from an ad for Mazola Oil published in
LIFE magazine in 1956

oven fried chicken_mazola_oil_LIFE_1956_post


Simple Sauces / Enkle Sauser

3 recipes from an ad for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise published
in LIFE magazine in 1959

My mother spent most of her working life at Norway’s largest producer of mayonnaise so I grew up on the stuff. What more can I say 😉