Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – "Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea" by Marion Harland 1875 in pdf

Vintage cookbooks

The old cook book in pdf format that I posted last week received quite some interest both on the blog and on Twitter so I thought I’d better check and see how many of these old cook books I have collected over the last couple of years. Maybe it was enough to build a posting series on. Well, the count came to 72, and that is cook book posting for nearly one and a half year if I post one a week, on Wednesday for example. No need to think more about that is it, all that is needed is a recognizable heading. The one on top here ought to do the trick – Ted


“Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea” by Marion Harland.
From the “Common Sense in the Household” series.
Published by Scribner, Armstrong & Co in New York in 1875.

449 pages of 140 year old but still valid common sense.

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English: Portrait of Mary Virginia Terhune aka...

  Portrait of Mary Virginia Terhune aka Marion Harland,
mother of Albert Payson Terhune and a prominent writer herself

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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