Haddock & Potato Layer / Hyse og Potet Form

A recipe from the “What a team” advertising recipe
booklet published by ASDA Superstore in 1976
haddoc & potato layer_-what-a-team-advertising-recipe-booklet-from-asda-superstores_1976_post

I’ve tried this recipe with pike, a fish I catch quite often and it was delicious. I used chantarelles instead of the champignons though, they are easy to find around here 😉



Herby Stuffed Leeks / Purrer Med Urtefyll

A recipe from an advertising booklet published by
ASDA Superstore in 1976
Herby stuffed leeks_-what-a-team-advertising-recipe-booklet-from-asda-superstores_1976_post