Scandinavian Farmhouse Christmas Cookies / Bondekaker til Jul

Farmhouse Christmas cookies found on
Scandinavian Farmhouse Christmas Cookies / Bondekaker til Jul

These farmhouse cookies are flat and rectangular shaped small cakes with clearly visible pieces of almonds. The recipe came to Norway from Sweden after the WWII and we find it for the first time in Gyldendal’s large cookbook from 1989. The cakes are still popular both in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This recipe gives about 80 cookies.

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Almond Cake / Mandelkake

A cake recipe found in “Kaker til Kaffen” (Cakes for the Coffee) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979mandelkake_post

I told you I complained about the lack of sweetness in my old aunts’ cream puffs as a small child in an earlier post. Had the silly old bats* served this cake instead, there would have been no complaints.

* I apologize for the use of this word, but Marie, Emma and Inga always wore long black or dark grey old fashioned dresses and as a small child they reminded me of, well, bats and in an affectionate way I still think of bats when something reminds me of them. Like cream puffs – Ted  😉