Swedish Advent Lengths with Cranberries / Adventslängd med Tranbär

A recipe for classic Swedish advent cakes found on
Swedish Advent Lengths with Cranberries / Adventslängd med Tranbär

Bake delicious juicy saffron lengths for advent and Christmas gatherings. Fill it with chopped cranberries, almond paste and grated orange peel to make it extra luxurious.

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Berliner Wreaths / Berlinerkranser

The recipe for one of the really classic Norwegian
Christmas cookie found on

Berliner Wreaths / Berlinerkranser

Berlin wreaths are a real Norwegian Christmas classic and are for many a must for Christmas! In my childhood home they were always one of the seven sorts of cookies my mother baked for Christmas. The cakes are small and crispy, with a beautiful sweet taste that almost melts on the tongue – Ted

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