Medieval Monday – Beef & Bacon Pie / Biff & Bacon Pai

Medieval Monday copy066_beef and bacon pie_post
At The Inn At The Crossroad they write: The sweetness of this medieval pie comes from added fruit and honey. As the pie bakes, the fruit melts, giving a lovely counter-taste to the tart vinegar and salty bacon. The fruit flavour fades into the background and what remains is a sweet, rich meat pie with an easy medley of flavours.

Original Recipe:
To make Pyes. Pyes of mutton or beif must be fyne mynced & seasoned with pepper and salte and a lytel saffron to colour it, suet or marrow a good quantitie, a lytell vynegre, pruynes, great reasons, and dates, take the fattest of the broath of powdred beefe.  – A Propre new booke of Cokery, 1545


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