Fleischbrühe – Broth With Noodles – Kjøttsuppe Med Nudler

From“Soup Beautiful Soup” by Ursel Norman with illustrations by Derek Norman – Published by William Morrow & Company in New York in 1978

This is an old German soup that has been a hot favourite with countless generations of children. Since its ingredients consist of simple country fare, this recipe or a variation would almost certainly have been popular when Dr. Hoffmann wrote his classic children’s story, Struwwelpeter in 1844, from which “The Story of Augustus who would not have any soup” is taken. It is a poem that testifies to the importance soup played in a child’s diet. Though it is difficult to imagine that this particular soup would have been rejected by Augustus. Ever! This old recipe remains very easy to prepare, is full of nutrition and is a firm favourite with children.


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