More Flea Market Finds

051_flea market finds

It is a rainy, cold day in Oslo today, but luckily there was a flea market at the school just across the road from my flat so I found the right kind of jacket (In Norway we have a saying that goes like this; There’s is nothing called bad weather, only bad cloths) and then I walked the few hundred meters to the gymnastics hall where I knew the books would be. (It’s not the first time I’ve been to the flea market at this school of course)

I didn’t find as many cook books as last weekend, but on the other hand I found a couple of real classics, so all in all a good day along the bookshelves –  8 books, total cost 190 NOK = $ 29  – Ted

Wear-Ever’s 75th Anniversary Spirit of 76 Cook Book
By Margaret Mitchell
Published by Cutco Division in 1972
A Taste of Ireland in Food and Pictures
By Theodora Fitzgibbon
Published by Pan Books in 1968
Supper og Sauser (Soups and Sauces)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1980
Snart Ferdig (Soon finished)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1984
This brings my books in this series up to 28
Stora Boken om Smörgåsar & Smörgåstårtor [Swedish]
(The Big Book About Sandwiches and Sandwich Cakes)

Published by ICA Bokförlag in 1984
Vännernas Kokbook (The Friends’ Cook Book) [Swedish]
By 9 of Sweden’s most well known cooks
Published by Eurocard AB in 1983
Robert Carrier’s Kitchen Cook Book
By Robert Carrier
Published by Book Club Associates in arrangement with
Marshall Cavendish Books in 1980
Bild Kok Boken (The Picture Cook Book) [Swedish]
By Birgitta Frantzén & Yvonne Sensoli
Published by Semic Press in association with
Åhlén & Åkerlunds Förlag in 1974

I already  have the Norwegian version of this book (Cook books are often published both in Norway and Sweden in slightly different versions). To my delight I discovered that the Swedish version was a lot thicker and had a lot more content than the Norwegian one – Ted

The Flea Market Season Is Over :-(

det gode norske kjøkkengryteretter

italian cookingkokekunst - desserter1

kokekunst i bilder

The flea market season is over for this spring here in Oslo I’m sad to say and this is what I got hold of on the last one today:

Det Gode Norske Kjøkken
(The Fine Norwegian Kitchen) – 1974 – 367 pages

(Original title: Casserole Cooking) – 1977 – 128 pages

The Sainsbury Book Of Italian Cooking
(Sainsbury’s bok om italiensk  matlagning) – 1979 – 193 pages

Kokekunst -Desserter
(the Art Of Cooking – Deserts) – 1979 – 172 pages

Kokekunst I Bilder
(The Art Of Cooking In Pictures) – 1975 – 87 pages

All five books are fully illustrate in colour.

Raisin Rolls & Raisin Biscuits – Rosin Boller & Rosin Kjeks

Recipes from “Recipes with Raisins” published by Sun Maid Raisins sometimes in the 1920s

raisi rolls - raisin biscuits_post_thumb[2]



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Plum-Peach Tarts – Plomme Og Fersken Terter

A recipe from “Knudsen Recipes” published by Knudsen Dairy Products in the sixties

plum-peach tarts_post_thumb[2]

Plum-Peach Tarts make a grand finale to a guest dinner. A fluff of Sour cream Cream adds the crowning touch.



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Veal Roulades With Stuffing – Kalverulade Fylt Med Farse

A recipe from “Hei Mat” (Hello Food) published by a Norwegian book club in 1975

fylt kalvebryst2_post_thumb[2]



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Coffee Mould

A recipe from “The Love Of Cooking” published by Ebury Press in 1972

coffee mould_post



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Cranberry Banana Betty

A recipe from “A Picture Treasury Of Good Cooking” published by the Tested Recipe Institute in 1953

cranberry banana betty_post



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Mexican Style Chilli

A recipe from “Old Fashioned Bean Pot Cookery” published by West Bend in 1964

mexican style chili_post



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Regulation Butter Cake

A recipe from “Cake Secrets” published by Iglehearts in 1921

butter cakes_post

This is the simplest form of butter cake, known as Plain White Cake. If you have never made a butter cake, try this recipe first.



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Creole Spaghetti Stew

A recipe from  “Specialities Of The House” published in the sixties


A spaghetti dinner with full-bodied flavour in spite of the short, short cooking time. As prepared by  Margaret E Terrell at the University of Washington, Seattle,  Washington.



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Chinese Fried Rice

A recipe from “Ris & Pasta” a Danish cook book in a series called MENU published in  1978

chinese fried rice_post



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