Sandwich Copenhagen / Smörgås Köpenhamn

A classic scandinavian sandwich recipe found in “Stora boken om Smörgåsar & Smörgåstortor” (The Big Book about Sanwiches and Sandwich Cakes) utgitt i 1985Sandwich Copenhagen / Smörgås Köpenhamn

This sandwich is typical for the lavish sandwiches one can get
at cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen

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Danish Open-faced Sandwiches – Danske Smørbrød

Recipes from “Livretter Fra Mange Land” (Favourites From Many Countries) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979


In Context:
Danish sandwiches should always be  freshly made and they are almost always made with dark rye or other sorts of wholemeal bread. White bread is used only for shellfish, cheese and a few other sorts of toppings.

The bread is cut into fairly thin slices and spread with a good layer of cold butter. The toppings  are applied in generous amounts – Meats are thinly cut, but added in roof tile pattern, closely or beyond the edge of the bread slices. The topping may be purchased or homemade, but is always completely fresh. The garnish on the sandwiches is never there for decorative reasons, always for flavour.

Another thing that is particular for Danish sandwiches are the names. In other countries sandwiches are usually named after the topping, but not so in Denmark. There, sandwiches have nice, fancy  names as you will see in the recipe text.



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