Crepes Appleton

A dessert recipe from a special 17th of May menu
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This recipe is a part of a 17th of May (Norway’s National day) menu inspired by King Olav’s favorite dishes.

Crepes Appleton got its name from Appleton House where King Olav was born. And maybe these small and airy “pancakes” were a sweet childhood memory for the  King? Crepe Appleton is still served at family gatherings there and is so popular a dessert that it might be served twice during the same meal.


Trifle With Baked Spiced Plums, Amaretti & Syllabub / Dessert Med Bakte, Krydrede Plommer, Amaretti & “Syllabub”

A Classic English desert recipe found on Tesco RealFood

In context:

Syllabub (or solybubbe, sullabub, sullibib, sullybub, sullibub, there is considerable variation in spelling) is an English sweet dish described by the Oxford English Dictionary as “A drink or dish made of milk (freq. as drawn straight from the cow) or cream, curdled by the admixture of wine, cider, or other acid, and often sweetened and flavoured.”

It is reputedly most traditionally made by the milkmaid milking the cow directly into a jug of cider.

Syllabub is known in England at least since John Heywood’s Thersytes of about 1537; “You and I… Muste walke to him and eate a solybubbe.” The word occurs repeatedly, including in Samuel Pepys’ diary for 12 July 1663; “Then to Comissioner Petts and had a good Sullybub.” and in Thomas Hughes’s Tom Brown at Oxford of 1861; “We retire to tea or syllabub beneath the shade of some great oak.”

A later variation, known as an Everlasting Syllabub, adds a stabiliser such as gelatine or corn starch.

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Strawberry Cream – Jordbær Krem

A recipe from “Good Housekeeping Cookery Book” published in 1976

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Strawberry Custard Pie – Jordbær Og Vaniljesaus Pai

A recipe from “A Picture Treasury Of Good Cooking” (En Matlagnings Skatt I Bilder) published by Tested Recipe Institute in 1953 

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Deep Fried Camembert With Strawberries – Frityrstekt Camembert Med Jordbær

A recipe from “Mat Som Smaker” (Tasty Food) published by Schibsted in 1968

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Crème Bavaroise – Egg Cream As Mousse – Eggekrem Som Fromasj

A recipe from “Kokekurs I Bilder” (Cooking Course In Pictures) published by Norsk Kunstforlag in 1968

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Plum-Peach Tarts – Plomme Og Fersken Terter

A recipe from “Knudsen Recipes” published by Knudsen Dairy Products in the sixties

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Plum-Peach Tarts make a grand finale to a guest dinner. A fluff of Sour cream Cream adds the crowning touch.



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