Plum Compote / Plommekompott

A classic Norwegian late summer dessert found on frukt.noPlum Compot / Plommekompott

Plum compot is a delicious dessert that often wakes nostalgia in Norwegians. The compote has been a classic here in this country for more than a hundred years. Serve it lukewarm with a little whipped cream or 50/50 cream and milk.

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Plum Compote / Plommekompott

A traditional recipe found at

traditional badge2Plum compote is a delicious dessert that often evokes nostalgia in many of us. Server it lukewarm with whipped cream and some almond flakes.

The nostalgic feeling is no exaggeration, at least not for me. I grew up with compotes both at home and at my grandmother’s. Back in the fifties and of course before that it was important to use the fruit harvest when it was fresh. Either for deserts or preserves.  In this day and age you can buy fresh fruits and berries all year round, but back then these were not imported from around the world here in Norway, but were available at the grocers only when they were in season. Today Norway is one of the richest countries in the world and we can afford to import what ever we like from anywhere. Back then the story was quite different. The Germans had left the northern part of the country in ruins and their torpedoes had sunk a great part of our commercial navy, the backbone of our pre-war economy – Ted


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