Swedish Lamb Stew in Dill Sauce / Svensk Stuet Lam i Dillsaus

A classic Swedish lunch recipe found on newscancook.comSwedish Lamb Stew in Dill Sauce / Svensk Stuet Lam i Dillsaus

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Mussels in Dill Sauce / Blåskjell i Dillsaus

A recipe for a cold shellfish dish found in “Alt om Urter”
(All About Herbs) published by Den Norske Bokklubb in 1985
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Most Scandinavians are crazy when it comes to shellfish of any kind and I’m noe exception. I’ve posted lots of recipes for mussels already. Here’s another one – Ted 😉


Chicken In Dill Sauce / Kylling I Dillsaus


A traditional Norwegian chicken recipe from tine.no

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traditional badge2Need a tip on how to spice up the usual chicken fillets? Chicken in dill sauce is almost like a fricassee, with delicious light sauce flavoured with dill and lemon. Here you can just use the vegetables you want.

Fricassee is a way of cooking where meat and / or vegetables are cut  into medium sized pieces and boiled in broth or sauce and smoothed with butter and cream or egg yolk.

The French word fricassée is an old expression that can be traced back at least to the 1400s. The etymology is uncertain. Maybe it’s a combination of pandering (to fry) and casser or Quass (break into pieces).


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