Macaroni and Cheese / Makaroni og Ost

One of Elvis Presley’s favourite dishes found in
“Are you hungry tonight” published in 1992
Macaroni and Cheese / Makaroni og Ost

Elvis ate macaroni and cheese at home whenever possible. He
loved it homemade, thick, gooey, and made with American cheese.


BLT Sandwich with Cheese / BLT Sandwich med Ost

A sandwich recipe from “Are You Hungry Tonight?”
published in 1992
blt with cheese sandwich_post

Elvis loved a good BLT, probably because two of the ingredients were at the top of his roster of favorites: bacon and big old juicy beefsteak tomatoes. He loved tomatoes. While you’re assembling this sandwich, you may want to put “Just For You” on the record player. And remember: Elvis preferred well-done bacon, not actually burned to charcoal, but cooked very crispy.

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Mississippi Barbecued Pork / Mississippigrillet Svinekjøtt

One of the King’s favourites found in”Are You Hungry Tonight”
published in 1992

mississippi barbecued pork_post

Plan a party the way Elvis and his boys would have done it in the good ol” days. Fry up some breaded onions, rewind the tape to See See Rider and rock ”n” roll!


Skillet Almond Pork / Pannestekt Svinekjøtt med Mandler

A recipe from “Are You Hungry Tonight”
published by Gramercy Books in 1992
skillet almond pork_post

Skillet Almond Pork might seem to be a far cry from pork chops, but the basic ingredients is clearly the same. Elvis’ taste seldom departed far from Southern-style home cooking, but he was willing to try a new dish if the main ingredient was familiar.


Good Ol’ Apple Pie / God Gammaldags Eplepai

One of Elvis’ favourites found in “Are you hungry tonight”
published by Gramercy Books in 1992
good ol' apple pie_post

What is more indigenous to American culture than apple pie and the King of Rock ”n” Roll? Nothing. Not even burgers. Walk through any small town from Washington to Wisconsin and there’ll always be pies cooling on windowsills, and you can bet that many of them will be apple pies. And there were always apple pies cooling on the sills in Tupelo and Memphis.


Blueberry Corn Muffins / Maismuffins med Blåbær

One of Elvis’ favourites found in “Are you hungry tonight”
published by Gramercy Books in 1992
blueberry corn muffins_post

These muffins have been a typical treat at Southern roadside cafes since the years when Elvis was growing up.