Pollock Patties with Raw Vegetables and Herb Dressing / Seikaker med Råkost og Urtedressing

A nice fish patties recipe found on godt.no
Seikaker med råkost og urtedressing_godt_post

I know I’ve posted about fish patties earlier, but fish patties are staple food in Norway. Any decent grocer will have at least 6 or 8 different types in stock. Almost any type of fish can be used, my mother made great patties from pike and perch I used to catch in my youth.

There are a multitude of recipes for fish patties around the country so I’ll be sure to post more recipes in the future – Ted


Fish Patties / Fiskekaker


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Homemade fish patties are both healthy and tastes great. Try my mother’s recipe with for example bacon, grated or stewed carrot or cucumber salad. and remember that fish cakes are also ideally suited as a barbecue on hike!

In Norway fish patties and fish balls are everyday meals that is quick and easy to prepare, unfortunately most Norwegians go for canned fish balls and ready made fish patties these days, even though both are both easy and quick to make.


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