Traditional Irish Cod Fish Cakes / Tradisjonelle Irske Fiskekaker Av Torsk

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Traditional Irish Cod Fish Cakes / Tradisjonelle Irske Fiskekaker Av Torsk

Fish cakes are Irish traditional fare at its very best. These little wonders are created by combining mashed potatoes, flaked cooked fish, and herbs, then formed into individual cakes and coated in breadcrumbs before frying.

This is a perfect recipe for using leftover mashed potatoes, if such a thing ever exists. But don’t worry you can always boil a few spuds for mashing to make these delicious and economical fish cakes.

Cod fish cakes may be simple but are ever so tasty. Traditional Irish fish cakes often use salmon or a mixture of salmon and whitefish but, for now, here’s a recipe that uses just cod.

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Fish Patties / Fiskekaker


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Homemade fish patties are both healthy and tastes great. Try my mother’s recipe with for example bacon, grated or stewed carrot or cucumber salad. and remember that fish cakes are also ideally suited as a barbecue on hike!

In Norway fish patties and fish balls are everyday meals that is quick and easy to prepare, unfortunately most Norwegians go for canned fish balls and ready made fish patties these days, even though both are both easy and quick to make.


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