1950’s Dessert Porriges & Compotes / Dessertgrøter og Kompotter fra Femtitallet

A recipe from “God Og Billig Hverdagsmat” (Nice And Inexpensive Food) published by N W Damm & Sønn in 1955

I grew up on desserts like these, Ready made desserts was scarse on the ground in the first 2 post-WWII dacades in Norway and what was available was both lacking in taste and quality. Besides making most of these is hardly more time consuming than opening some packages and mix and heat the content – Ted



Puff Pastry Lengths With Apples – Butterdeiglengder Med Epler

A recipe from “Nye Mesterkokken” (The New Master Chef) published by Skandinavisk Presse AS in 1974 

butterdeiglengder med epler_post

Airy, light and crispy, these cakes are equally suitable for dessert as for coffee or tea. Sour, wafer-thin apple slices laid on puff lengths before baking almost melt into the dough. A little apple jelly over makes them shiny and nice.



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