Not a Recommendable Recipe to Follow

This is one of the clippings and notes that Mrs. F. S. Gover had tucked into her copy of The Ladies’ Home Cookbook published in 1896.

Not a Recommendable Recipe to Follow

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Medieval Monday – ‘Grete Pye’ – Game Pie / Viltpai


A classic game pie recipe found on

  Medieval Monday copy
998_grete pie_post, now online nearly 15 years publish opinions on food, wines & spirits, dining, shopping, and travel, to start. they are also very opinionated about a variety of subjects and hope you’ll feel free to register and comment.

The medieval game pie in this recipe was and remains a wonderful, economical and delicious treat. Still today, we make these in the form of pates, chicken and beef pot pies. A true classic!


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Raisin Cocoanut Pudding & Brown Betty

Recipes from “Recipes With Raisins” (Oppskrifter Med Rosiner) published by Sun Maid in the 1920s

raisin cocanut pudding - brown betty_post_thumb[2]


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Fu Yong Hai – Chinese Omelette – Kinesisk Omelett

A recipe from “Berømte Retter” (Famous Dishes) published by Ernst G mortensen in 1970. 

Fu Yong Hai post_ill_thumb[5]

Fu Yong Hai as we know it from Chinese restaurants, is no longer a Chinese dish for the classic Chinese cooking omelette served with gravy and rice, with tomato sauce. The variant that is known throughout the world , dating probably from the Chinese restaurants in the United States.



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Cottage Cheese Apple Pie – Eple Pai Med Cottage Cheese

A recipe from “Delicious Dairy Dishes” (Deilige Retter Med Meieri Produkter) published  in 1936

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Since my English speaking visitors gets the benefit of having the Norwegian recipes translated I found that the right thing to do was to let my Norwegian speaking visitors get the benefit of having the English recipes translated to Norwegian. A little more work, but so what – Ted 🙂



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Mussels à la Poulette – Blåskjell á la Poulette

A recipe from “Mat For Alle Årstider” (Food For All Seasons) published by Det Beste in 1977

blåskjell a la poulette_post_thumb[2]

In France the mussels in this classic dish are served in their own half shells and eaten with the fingers. The bread is dipped into the sauce and eaten. You can also clean the mussels and serve them without shells in a sauce or soup.



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Cherry liqueur – Kirsebærlikør

An old recipe handed down from my grandmother


In my family we have made cherry liqueur for at least four generations. My grandmother, who was a tea-totaller by the way, taught me how to make it and I have taught my daughters. You may find our recipe a little different than others as we spice it and we don’t remove the pits from the cherries – Ted