DIY Sunday – Small Cabinet-Table

DIY Sunday - Small Cabinet-TableJust the thing where living quarters are compact, this space-saving dinette table has a built-in chest of drawers, accessible from either end. in which linens and tableware can be kept handy. Folded, it forms a slender cabinet that can be set out of the way.

When open, you have a full-size table accommodating six persons. By providing a cupboard under the drawers, a storage space can be had which will accommodate four folding card-table chairs. Construction is not difficult, and where plywood is not available, glued-up panels of solid stock can be substituted

These plans were published in the 1943 July edition of
Popular Mechanics and as usual you can download them
for free by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday – The Houseboat “Coolwater”

DIY Sunday - The Houseboat “Coolwater”

Again DIY Sunday bring you plans for a project that
in all honestly might take you a little longer than a
Sunday afternoon. On the other hand, a houseboat
might last you for the rest of your life.  Vacation
after vacation spent on lovely floating
living quarters you have built yourself.
And as usuall you can download the plans
for free simply by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday – Breakfast Nook that Folds Flat Against The Wall

Breakfast Nook - Popular Mechanics March 1941

If you live in a small flat this is just the thing for you. Fold down the nook, have your meal and fold the nook back up against the wall. The plans were published in the 1941 March edition of Popular Mechanics and you can download them by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday – Scrolled Bookshelf

heading_diyDIY Sunday - Scrolled Bookshelf

Building a scrolled bookshelf with drawers is a lot easier than building a tear drop camper like the one I posted last Sunday, but it takes some practice as well. But I’m sure you will fix it. The plan were featured in the 1951 November edition of Popular Mechanics and you can download it in pdf format by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday – Build a Teardrop Camper

DIY Sunday - Build a Teardrop Camper

A streamlined home on wheels that’s light and easily towed; has a double-berth and complete kitchenette.

Getting away from it all doesn’t mean giving up the comforts of home, for with this compact camp trailer you bring them right along with you. As it’s only a fraction of the size and weight of a full-grown trailer, you can take this 10-ft. tourer wherever a car will go. And when you reach some ideal spot beside a lake or stream, up goes the hood over the kitchenette and in a matter of minutes there’s an appetizing meal cooking away on the pullout stove.

Let’s be honest, it lacks some of the comforts of a a modern camper, but who cares. This is retro camping at its best. Download the plans and set to work and you’ll have this nifty teardrop ready for the summer holiday. Hit the icon below and download these plans published in Mechanix Illustrated in September 1947 now.

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DIY Sunday – English Punt

English Punt

As we all know, summer is right around the corner here on the Northern Hemisphere so what could be better to start up with in the workshop than building a classic English Punt. The perfect vessel for quiet rivers and shallow ponds. Plans in pdf can be downloaded by clicking the icon below

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