Thick Danish Farmhouse Soup / Tykk Dansk Bondesuppe

A soup recipe from “Mine 100 Bedste Opskrifter Fra Fad
Og Fryser” (My 100 Best Recipes from Pots and Freezer) by Mona Giersing published by Lademann in 1982Thick Danish Farmhouse Soup / Tykk Dansk Bondesuppe

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Swedish Beet Soup / Rödbetssoppa

A traditional Swedish vegetable soup recipe
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Swedish Beet Soup / Rödbetssoppa

It is so nice when the first beets are harvested and you can eat them lightly cooked with a dollop of butter. When they have lost their news value it’s time for soup. This recipe is traditional, but if you want to add an extra spark, serve it with freshly grated horseradish, this lovely gastronomic booster.


Knoblauchsuppe – Garlic Soup / Hvitløksuppe

Recipes from “Livretter Fra Mange Land”
(Favourites From Many Countries) published by
Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979

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Here’s a classic German soup recipe for all those of you out there who really love garlic


Green Spring Soup / Grønn Vårsuppe

A recipe for a delicious vegetable soup from
“Sauser Og Supper” (Sauces And Soups) published by
Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980

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The fine green leaves of radishes tastes almost as much as the fresh red radish roots. Do not throw the leaves, but use them with other vegetables in soups. In this soup we have used leaves from two bunches of radishes. Some fresh radish roots can be finely chopped and put in the hot soup before serving.

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Jerusalem Artichoke Soup a la 1814 / Jordskokksuppe a la 1814

A 1814 Norwegian Constitution Jubilee recipe found at allers.no0112_jordskokksuppe_post
Jerusalem artichoke was a fairly common vegetable in Norway before the potato arrived. Potatoes became popular in the 1800s and then Jerusalem artichoke became less common. Today Jerusalem artichoke has regained its popularity, and it is well suited for soup.


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