Bellman’s Mould / Bellmans Lada

A recipe from “Kungelig Spis” (Royal Oven)
by Håkan Håkanson published in 1982

Håkan Håkansson writes in the book: The Bellman Mould is usually said to be a variation of Jansson’s Temptation. But really it’s just the other other way around.

This mould was one of Stallmästargården’s specialties in the 20s and 30s, and became very popular both as hot restaurant dish and a homemade evening meal or a night snack. Jansson’s Temptation eventually developed as a variant of the Bellman Mould.

By browning potatoes and onions, the mould gets a lot more flavour. And it is at its best made with whole anchovies, the ones you clean yourself. And if you like,  pour a little of the anchovy broth over the mould just before you put it into the oven.

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Salmon Casserole / Lax I Gryta

A recipe from “Kunglig Spis” (Royal Stove) by Håkan Håkansson published by LTs Förlag in 1982

lax i gryta_post
Håkan Håkanson_imgDuring the 2nd World War, Håkan Håkansson survived passing German  mines and submarines, came to London and started as a chef at the Swedish Embassy. There he met Prince Bertil, who was naval attaché, and a long culinary collaboration began.

After the war, Håkan Håkansson followed the Prince back home and became court cook, first at the Royal Palace, then at the Prince’s Villa Solbacka at Djurgården. Håkan Håkansson also followed the Prince on numerous trips down to Villa Mirage on the Riviera.

Most of the recipes in “Kunglig Spis” are derived from Håkan Håkansson and Prince Bertil’s joint experimentation in the kitchen. And the result is a treasure trove for anyone who likes to cook and eat good food!

And from now on my visitors can eat food right from the “royal stove” through these recipes – Ted

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