Whole Wheat Bread / Helkornbrød

A recipe from “Borden’s Evaporated Milk Book of Recipes”
published by  Borden’s Condenced Milk Company in the 1930s

Whole Wheat Bread / Helkornbrød

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Nice Wholegrain Bread / Fint Helkornbrød

A delicious bread recipe found on brodogkorn.no
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Wholegain bread is a juicy and good bread with whole wheat grains, rye flour, honey and flour. It works nicely as an accompaniment to soup and other dinner dishes.


Fine Wholegrain Bread / Fint Helkornbrod

A recipe for a nice juicy bread found on brodogkorn.no568_Fint Helkornbrød_post

A juicy and nice bread with whole grains.

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