Honey and Almond Ice Cream / Honning- Og Mandelis

A recipe for a delicious homemade ice cream
found on matprat.no
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It’s easy to make ice cream yourself. This ice cream has a unique taste of honey, almonds and almond liqueur.

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Easy Chocolate Ice Cream With Apple Cream / Lettvint Sjokoladeis Med Eplekrem

A delicious ice cream desert from “Sjokolade” (Chocolate) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1984

lettvint sjokoladeis med eplekrem_post

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Spicy Christmas Ice Cream / Krydret Juleis

A fancy spiced Christmas ice cream found on dinmat.no118_krydret juleis_post

This is an ice cream that will rock your Christmas dinner. An ice cream full of of everything that reminds us of Christmas, roasted nut, dried fruit, spices and brandy. You simply can’t fail on the big day with an ice cream like that.

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