Kitchen Chair Sled

Kitchen Chair Sled

If you got an old kitchen chair up in the attic and a pair of old preferably wooden skis you can make this chair sled in a couple of hours. My dad made me one when I was a kid and I had a lot of fun with it. Get to it, there’s a lot of winter left yet.

I would suggest that you place the chair closer to the front of the skis than on these plans, it gives the one pushing more room to stand on the skis when going down hill. My dad did

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DIY Sunday – 3 Smart Benches

The Sunday DIY Project3 smart benches

The Recipereminiscing’s DIY Sunday projects stays in the early forties for another week. This set of nifty benches can be yours with a couple of hour’s work in the workshop. The five page plans can be downloaded in pdfformat by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday -The Latest Dressing Table With Bench To Match

The Latest Dressing Table With Bench To Match

I owe you to mention that this dressing table was the latest fashion back in the early forties, but if you are fascinated by the styles from that periode this might be just the project for you. The plans was published in Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1940 and you can download the plans in pdf format by clicking the icom below – Ted

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