Coney Island Chili Dogs / Coney Island Chilipølser i Brød

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In Southeastern Michigan, “Coney Island” refers to 24-hour diners, and, the specific kind of chili-topped, grilled hot-dogs those diners serve. Invented in 1914 at a Jackson, Michigan joint called Todoroff’s Original Coney Island.

The dogs–with their beanless, meaty chili (or “sauce” as it’s called in Michigan), were so popular, many other operators soon spun their own versions.


Not Lefse But Lompe / Ikke Lefse, Men Lompe

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traditional badge2Lompe, lumpe or potato cake is a flat, soft pastry originating from Scandinavia and is made ​​from potatoes.

Potato-cakes are  made ​​by mixing boiled potatoes with flour and a little salt. The amount of flour is of great importance to the quality; flour should be a binder that leaves a minimum of taste to the finished pastry.  The dough is rolled out and cooked on a griddle or in a dry frying pan.

Potato-cakes can be eaten as a separate dish, often as dessert with cinnamon, sugar and butter, or with other dishes such as sausages and cured fish. In Norway it is customary to serve sausages rolled in a potato cake with ketchup or mustard or both, particularly as a convenient and popular party food for children or grilling outdoors. Sausage with potato cake can be purchased at most gas stations and fast food outlets in Norway and is an alternative to hot dogs and other fast food.


Eating sausages in a bun like it’s done in the US and most other places was not introduced in Norway before after WWII. Before that, sausages was always eaten in a potato cake and a lot of Norwegians still prefer to eat them that way. Some even have their sausages with both. The sausage rolled in a potato cake and placed in a bun, served like that it was called a “special” back when I was a young man. You can get your “special” hot dog (and one just in a bun)with a lot of different toppings. Cucumber mix, potato salad and shrimp salad are the most common once but there are local variations. You would order these as a “cucumber special”, “potato salad special” and a “shrimp special” – Ted

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