Strawberry Rhubarb Fool / Jordbær og Rabarbra Fool

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Strawberry Rhubarb Fool / Jordbær og Rabarbra Fool

If you’re watching calories and fat, try this dessert with low-fat whipped topping or vanilla yogurt in place of the whipped cream. This is an easy and elegant dessert, a wonderful way to celebrate spring rhubarb and strawberries.

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Eaton Mess

A traditional English dessert recipe found on
Eaton Mess

Eton mess is a simple, delicious dessert, made with broken meringues, strawberries and cream. It gets it’s name as it is the dessert traditionally served at Eton College’s prize-giving picnic on June 4th. Ready in just 10 mins, this Eton mess recipe uses ready made meringues for speed but if you fancy a challenge you can make your own!

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Strawberries In Almond Cream / Jordbaer I Mandelkrem

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published by Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1981
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When the strawberry season hits Norway Norwegians turn completely strawberry happy. Due to the very long days and moderate climate the strawberries build up a marvellous sweetness while they ripen which make 184_jordbær_01them both sweeter and darker in colour than the imported berries we now a days can buy the year round.

In the season you can buy strawberries along most Norwegian main roads. Home made signs with a big strawberry and the prize of one basket signals that someone have them for sale around the next bend. 184_jordbær_02And we stop and buy usually not one, but two or three baskets. And the day’s dessert is secured.

We eat them just as they are, with cream and sugar, with custard, with ice cream, with just a sprinkle of sugar or my personal favourite, with sweet balsamic vinegar.

184_jordbær_03When we’re tired of having them for dessert, we buy a couple of crates containing 12 baskets and make homemade strawberry jam so we can enjoy them the rest of the year as well – Ted


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