The Christmas Recipes – Part 25

The Christmas Recipes – Part 25

Glöggmartini / Mulled Wine Martini

Glöggmartini / Mulled Wine Martini

Glazier’s Herring / Glassmestersild

Glazier’s Herring / Glassmestersild

Norwegian Pork Rib “Sylte” / Ribbesylte

A Classic Norwegian Christmas sandwich spread and
buffet accessory found on

“Sylte” is a classic Norwegian Christmas sandwich spread that many still make at home. It can be made from pork ribs like in this recipe or from the meat in the pig’s head. The last was a tradition in my childhood home and my sister and I thought the big pig’s head my mother brought home was both fascinating and gross. On the other hand, we had nothing against the finished product. And “sylte” is still one of the things I’m looking forward to when it’s getting close to Christmas.

“Sylte” is  usually eaten on wholemeal bread topped with either strong, sweet, Scandinavian  mustards or pickled beetroots or wrapped in lefse with the same accessories.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Small Chicken Pâtés / Små Kyllingposteier

A classic Christmassy buffet pâté from “Forretter” (Starters)
published by Hjemmets Kokebook Klubb in 1982.
små kyllingposteier_post

As I’ve mentioned before, Scandinavian Christmas buffets are serious stuff, copious dishes and nothing but the best. These chicken pâtés would fit right in on such a buffet.

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Chicken Liver Pate / Kyllingleverpaté

A Scandinavian Christmas buffet classic found on grytelokket.com121_kyllingleverpate_post

Scandinavian Christmas buffets are serious stuff. A few slices of smoked salmon, a little cured meat and some pickles simply wont do. Pates, cold pork ribs, meat rolls, potted and pickled herring, smoked and cured salmon or trout, cold or hot Christmas patties and sausages, salads, the list goes on for ever. Chicken liver pate is a favourite on these buffets and it’s not hard to make.

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Cured Beef / Gravet Oksekjøtt

A traditional curing recipe found on grytelokket.com112_gravet oksekjøtt_post

In the old days, curing  meat was a virtue of necessity, while it is today generally considered a delicacy. Many believe that curing meat is difficult, but it is actually a much easier process than most imagine. With this recipe for cured sirloin of beef and mustard sauce you can try for yourself.

My brother in law, a very skilled cook, makes a wicked cured beef for Christmas every year and serves it with cherry tomatoes, fresh dill and horseradish sauce. For me it is one of the absolute culinary highlights of Christmas season.

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