Traditional Norwegian Christmas Cod / Tradisjonell Juletorsk

A recipe for traditional Christmas cod found on
Traditional Norwegian Christmas Cod / Tradisjonell Juletorsk

Most Norwegians eat either pork ribs or lamb ribs for Christmas, but it should be no surprise that those of us who have the sea right outside the front door prefer fresh fish on Christmas Eve. Christmas cod is a traditional dish, and a Christmas dinner classic especially in southern part of Norway. If you can get hold of really fresh cod where you live and like fish, this dish is in no way a miss on the Christmas table.

I must admit that I’m stricktly a pork rib guy when it
comes to Christmas, but I’ll gladly eat cod served like this
any other time of the year

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Homemade Norwegian Christmas Sausages / Hjemmelaget Julepølse

An old-fashioned recipe for Norwegian Christmas sausages found on
Homemade Norwegian Christmas Sausages / Hjemmelaget Julepølse

Making home-made Christmas sausages like these is easier than you think! With this good old-fashioned recipe you will make sausages that tastes amazing. Enjoy them even in the weeks before Christmas. You can make them well in advance, they freeze very well.

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The Christmas Recipes – Part 5


Lamb Ribs With Mashed Root Vegetables /Pinnekjøtt Med Rotmos
Lamb Ribs With Mashed Root Vegetables /
Pinnekjøtt Med Rotmos

Mustard Herring / Sennepsild
Mustard Herring / Sennepsild

Reindeer Steak With Baked Red Cabbage & Parsnip Purée / Reinsdyrstek Med Ovnsbakt Rødkål & Pastinakkpuré

A classic Norwegian Christmas main course with
a contemporary twist from MatPrat

For many Norwegian families, especially in the northern counties reindeer steak is their traditional Christmas dinner. Reindeer steak is almost ready spiced from nature with a delicious gamy taste. The traditional classic roast has been modernized in this recipe and is served with baked red cabbage and a velvety parsnip purée.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Cranberry & Port Gravy / Tyttebær & Portvinsaus

A tasty Christmas gravy found on TescoRealFood103_cranberry and port gravy_post

This recipe is based on turkey, but I guess it would be delicious with the Scandinavian Christmas diners done the same way as well, both the Danish goose or duck, the Swedish glazed ham and the Norwegian pork ribs. All of them leave a lot of tasty juices in the roasting tray, and we Scandinavians are after all crazy about cranberry jam – Ted

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Christmas Cod / Juletorsk

A classic Norwegian Christmas fish recipe found on 102_juletorsk_post

There are still some Norwegians who swear by Christmas cod on Christmas Eve, particularly in the southernmost part of the country. Admittedly, they are only one or two per cent of the population. That said, many have cod during Christmas. Here is a recipe with lots of delicious Sandefjord butter sauce.

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