Traditional Norwegian Hot Sour Cream Cake with Apples / Varm Rømmekake med Epler

A traditional Norwegian kake recipe found in
“Nye Mesterkokken” (The New Master Chef)
published by Skandinavisk Presse AS in 1974
Traditional Norwegian Hot Sour Cream Cake with Apples / Varm Rømmekake med Epler

This is a delicious dessert cake from the time when farmers made their own sour cream. There is no need for the apples in the cake, but they add a fresh fruity flavor you may have to replace by serving jams with the cake if left out.

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The Farmer’s Apple Cake / Bondens Eplekake

A juicy apple cake recipe found in “Mett På En
Litt Sunnere Måte” (Full a slightly healthier way)
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The Farmer’s Apple Cake / Bondens Eplekake

This cake is based on cottage cheese, which gives it a slightly acidic flavor that will go great with the sauteed apples wedges.

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Apple Turnovers / Epletriangler

An afternoon tea classic found on essentially-england.com524_Apple Turnovers_post

What are apple turnovers? At the most basic, they are sugar-covered puff pastry triangles, filled with stewed apples. But at their most wonderful, apple turnovers can be a lot more than that. Served hot from the oven, golden and crunchy with sugar, filled with spiced apples they make a memorable end to a meal.

Alternatively, you can serve them cold with your afternoon tea. In that case, a second filling of whipped cream may be added to the pastry triangles.

Whichever route you choose, apple turnovers need to be fresh to be memorable, the puff pastry at its most crunchy. There’s nothing appetising about soggy, flabby pastry. And there are many brands of good quality ready-made puff pastry in the shops if you don’t feel like making your own.

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Apricot Stars And Apple Combs / Aprikosstjerner Og Eplekammer

Recipes from “Kaker Til Kaffen” (Cakes For The Coffee) published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1979

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Puff pastry cakes made with sour milk served lukewarm is a real treat.


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