Spice Cake with Strawberries / Krydderkake med Jordbær

En Cake recipe found in “Nye Mesterkokken” (The New Master
Chef) utgitt av Skandinavisk Presse AS i 1974

Spice Cake with Strawberries / Krydderkake med Jordbær

This is a juicy, fresh cake with a nice taste of strawberries, which really makes it different and special. It is all right to use overripe berries, and you can also vary the seasoning as desired.

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Midsummer Eve Cakes / Jonsok-Kake

A recipe from “Nye Mesterkokken” (The New Master Cook) published by Skandinavisk Presse AS in 1974

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traditional badge2When the strawberries are starting to become affordable and you have eaten your heart out, it may be time for some variations. So why not try these delicious cakes that you bake in small round moulds. This recipe collection was published in 1974 when strawberries really was seasonal, to day you get fresh strawberries almost everywhere so you can safely bake this cakes all year round 😉

Celebrating midsummer day evening has a long tradition in Norway, often with bonfires, dancing and not to forget, lots of food. Each family have their own tradition and in my family we have always eaten shrimps. And eaten the simplest way there is, with fresh white bread, mayonnaise, dill and freshly ground pepper, beer or white wine. And followed by cakes of course  – Ted



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