Cheat’s Knickerbockers / Juksemakerens Knickerbocker

A simple take on the classic Knickerbocker
found on
BBC good food

Cheat’s Knickerbockers / Juksemakerens Knickerbocker

Why compromise on dessert, this low-fat pudding has all the taste
of a traditional knockerbocker glory.

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Knickerbocker Glory


A classic ice cream recipe found on BBC food

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traditional badge4A Knickerbocker Glory is an ice cream sundae that is served in a large tall glass, particularly in the United Kingdom.

The knickerbocker glory, first described in the 1930s, may contain ice cream, gelatine, cream, fruit, meringue, even liquor. Layers of these different sweet tastes are alternated in a tall glass and topped with different kinds of syrup, nuts, whipped cream and often a cherry. The name knickerbocker glory may be drawn from the hotel or knickerbockers, knee-length trousers typically worn by boys or for sports such as fencing. The name Knickerbocker itself comes from Dutch settlers in the New York area Wikipedia 

This ultimate ice cream dessert can be prepared as an alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding. Alternatively, use ready-made dulce de leche toffee sauce, honeycomb and ice creams to create a simple version, and crumble in your leftover pudding.


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