Lowney’s Cook Book by Maria Willett Howard from 1907 in PDF

Lowney's Cook Book by Maria Willett Howard from 1907 in PDF

Lowney’s Cook Book

A new guide for housekeepers, especially intended as a full record
of delicious dishes sufficient for any well-to-do family, clear enough
for beginner, and complete enough for ambitious providers

prepared  by

one of the most experienced and successful teachers of cooking
in  the country, as the latest fruits of practical and scientific
knowledge of the art

Maria Willett Howard

Published by
The Walter M Lowney co.
486 Hanover Street, Boston

The 370 page book is illustrated in beautiful
detailed colour illustrations and you can
download it by clicking the icon below

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Vintage Cookbook Wednesday – Salads, Sandwiches And Chafing Dish Dainties by Janet M Hill in pdf

Vintage cookbooks026_salads-sandwiches-and-chafing-dish-dainties_1918

“Salads, Sandwiches and
Chafing Dish Dainties”
Janet M Hill

Published by Little, Brown and Company
in 1918

Click the icon below or
the book above to download the book

A digression: several years back I came across plans and drawings for a beautiful chafing dish table in mission style that I build for some friends of mine celebrating their wedding anniversary. Back then I didn’t have the faintest idea what a chafing dish was. Now I do – Ted 😉

See this book and lots of delicious recipes on:
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Janet McKenzie Hill (1852–1933) was a prominent early practitioner of culinary reform, food science and scientific cooking, author of many cookbooks.

Hill was born in Westfield, Massachusetts, the daughter of Alexander McKenzie, a clergyman, and Nancy (Lewis) McKenzie. In 1873 she married Benjamin M. Hill. Hill took up the study of cooking and its related sciences later in life: she returned to school around age 40, graduating from the Boston Cooking School in 1892. Fannie Farmer was assistant principal at the time. In 1896 she founded the Boston Cooking School Magazine (later renamed American Cookery). Hill produced several cookbooks promoting the products of a particular company, a practice that began during this period. Alice Bradley, an 1897 graduate of the Boston Cooking School, who later bought Miss Farmer’s Cooking school and was cooking editor of the Woman’s Home Companion for twenty years, got her start doing cooking demonstrations for Hill.