Aaah, Finally – The Norwegian Flea Market Season is Here

And the first two old cook book hunts brought these treasures. Recipes from all of them will turn up in in the near future – Ted

are you hungry tonight_1992asia - en kulinarisk reise_19871cappelens internasjonale kjøkken - indonesia_1994
cappelens kokebok_1991den nye kokeboken - Del 1_1979 den nye kokeboken - Del 2_1979den smårutete kokeboken_1987frå lom til lyon_1987ganske enkkel italiensk kokebok_1995god mat fra sjøen_1984gode, gamle oppskrifter_1991harrods cooery book_1985internasjonale famile favoritter_1976international gourmet - Mexican Cooking_1996mat for ølvennernorsk ukeblads store salatbok_1983pizza_1992småretter_1956spennende mat_1980the best of international cooking_1984the chocolate book_1987the cooking of the british isles_1970varme småretter_1991

From top left:
Are you hungry tonight – Elvis’ favourite recipes – 1992
Asia – En kulinarisk reise – 1987
(Asia – a culinary journey)
Cappelens internasjonale kjøkken – Indonesia – 1994
(Cappelen’s international kitchen – Indonesia)
Cappelens kokebok – 1991
(Cappelen’s Cook Book)
Den nye kokeboken – Del 1 – 1979
(The new cook book – part 1)
Den nye kokeboken – Del 1 – 1979
(The new cook book – part 2)
Den smårutete kokeboken – 1987
(the small checkered cook book)
Arne Brimi – Fra Lom til Lyon – 1987
(Arne Brimi – From Lom to Lyon)
Ganske enkel italiensk kokebok – 1995
(Quite simple Italian cook book)
God mat fra sjøen – 1984
(Nice food from the sea)
Gode, gamle oppskrifter – 1991
(Good, old recipes)
Harrods cookery book – 1985
Internasjonale famile favoritter – 1976
(International family favourites)
Mexican cooking – 1995
Mat for ølvenner – 1980
(Food for beer lovers)
Norsk Ukeblads store salatbok – 1983
(Norsk Ukeblad’s big salad book)
Pizza – 1992
Småretter – 1956
Spennenede mat – 1980
(Exiting food)
The best of international cooking – 1984
The chocolate book – 1987
The cooking of the British Isles – 1980
Varme småretter – 1991
(Hot snacks)


I Love The Flea Market Season


I’ve told you before that spring and autumn is flea market seasons in Norway. Just about every ground school in Norway arrange a flee marked raising money for instruments and uniforms for their marching bands which most schools have. And among the things for sale are books and among these of course cook books. To day I went to my old ground school where I spent my first 7 years at school. It was nice to be back, I haven’t been there for donkey’s years and this were today’s catch:

Kokekurs i bilder (Cooking course in colour) – 1968
Vi griller (We’re barbequing) – 1968
Carl Butlers kokebook (Carl Butler’s cook book) – 1975
Norske matretter for dagligbordet (Norwegian dishes for the everyday table) – 1968
Cattelins kokebok (Cattelin’s cook book) -1978
Dreyers kokebok i bilder (Dreyer’s cook book in pictures) – 1968
Mat som smaker (Tasty food) – 1968
Smørbrødboka (The sandwich book) – 1954

These flea markets are arranged both on Saturdays and Sundays so I’ll be visiting a new one tomorrow. A new report will follow – Ted

Fish and Shrimp Moulds – Fisk Og Reker I Form

A recipe from “Småretter” (Tidbits) published by a Norwegian family weekly’s book club in 1979

fisk og reker i form_post_thumb[2]
The main ingredients in these gorgeous, small dishes is leftovers, for example cooked or fried fish, chicken, meat or vegetables. Here is one possible variation:



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Veal Roulades With Stuffing – Kalverulade Fylt Med Farse

A recipe from “Hei Mat” (Hello Food) published by a Norwegian book club in 1975

fylt kalvebryst2_post_thumb[2]



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