Norwegian Potato Patties / Potetlapper

A traditional Norwegian potato recipe found on
Norwegian Potato Patties / Potetlapper

These potato patties are very easy to make and can be used for a lot of different kind of meals. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, hiking food or an evening meal. And you can spread them with just about anything.

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Norwegian Griddle Cakes with Kefir and Herbs / Kefirlapper med Urter

A recipe for breakfast/lunch griddle cakes found in “Syrnet Melk – Oppskrifter og Tips” (Soured Milk – Recipes and Tips)
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Norwegian Griddle Cakes with Kefir and Herbs / Kefirlapper med Urter


Classic Norwegian Griddle Cakes / Klassiske Lapper

A classic Norwegian griddle cake recipe found on godt.noClassic Norwegian Griddle Cakes / Klassiske Lapper

These griddle cakes are always popular and very quick to make. This recipe also contains little fat, which makes the the cakes suitable as everyday food.

Serve the cakes with homemade jams. And if you want to make the kids extra eager, you can sprinkle chopped chocolate on the cakes while they cook, nothing beats chocolate griddle cakes!


Apple Pancakes / Eplelapper

A traditional Norwegian recipe found on

Apple culture is thousands of years old. The word apple, which is common in northern European languages ​​and possibly of Celtic origin, suggesting that Apple has been known in Northern and Central Europe before the Roman conquest, and Scandinavia Stone Age findings pointing in the same direction. In the Oseberg ship (ca. 850 AD) they found 54 well-preserved apples, indicating that they were highly appreciated. But only after the arrival of Christianity, especially in connection with monasteries, did apple cultivation become more common in Norway.


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Norwegian “Lapper”*

A traditional griddle cake recipe found on the popular food site MatPrat


traditional badge2* “Lapper” are small pieces of paper or fabrics. To write someone a “lapp” means to write someone a note, and passing “lapper” is frowned upon in school (passing notes between students without the teacher knowledge). “Lapper” is also a traditional Norwegian pancake-like griddle cake not unlike “Sveler” that I posted about the other day – Ted


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