Laup – Traditional Norwegian Pastry / Laup – Tradisjonelt Bakeverk Fra Trønderlag

A traditional bun recipe from Trøndelag in Central Norway
found on ThorNews

154_thornewsAnette Broteng Christiansen at ThorNews writes: Laup are large, flat buns baked with rye flour and anise. They originate from Trøndelag in Central Norway. It is common to eat Laup for breakfast or lunch, and it tastes perfect with traditional Norwegian Brunost (brown cheese), raspberry jam and a hot cup of tea. They are similar to Scones, but Laup has a distinct taste because of the rye flour and anise. Laup definitely tastes best fresh from the oven, but can be frozen.
      Unfortunately, the story behind these delicious buns is unknown, but they are considered traditional pastry in Trøndelag.

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